Papers – Cardboards


Paper and cardboard are sorted at source into specific containers (bins, terminals, skips, compactors).
This involves avoiding any mixing with other waste which could contaminate the paper and cardboard or which would prevent subsequent sorting.


The containers are emptied into dump trucks to be transported to our authorized processing centers (facilities classified for environmental protection).

Life cycle


The waste received at our various processing sites is weighed, checked, sorted and packaged according to the technical requirements of the buyers.
Papers become recycled raw materials.
The European standard NF EN 643 defines the standard types of recycled paper and cardboard. There are nearly 70 references.

Recycling and recovery

It is mainly the paper industry that will consume these recycled raw materials in its production cycles, with a utilization rate of more than 60%.

New paper and cardboard made from a more or less significant proportion of recycled raw materials (up to 100%) will be used in usual consumption circuits.

The SCHROLL Group supports you in optimizing your recycling your waste.

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