Supplying industries

With its many years of experience and dense geographical coverage, the Schroll Group is able to offer relevant solutions for a new type of waste management: in this way, businesses, local authorities et administrations can optimise their sustainable development policies.

Daily deliveries to industry

When it is taken in hand by the Schroll Group, your waste embarks on a whole new life cycle. Thanks to recycling, it can be converted into raw materials to supply industry.

The quality of the products supplied, the availability of supplies and the reliability of daily deliveries are so many "pluses" that the Schroll Group can offer to guarantee the best recycling service possible.

A fast-moving market

Like all raw materials markets, the prices of recycled raw materials can also be subject to fluctuation.

Our marketing department monitors the direction the markets are taking constantly and closely.

Marketing recycled raw materials

The production from our different sorting centres is handled by our marketing department, which also has a trading activity.

We are responsible for compliance with the specifications for the different waste streams when the raw material comes out of our production centres.

Our teams mainly sell the recycled raw materials in France and Europe, but also on the world markets.

And so the Schroll Group enables you to access the national and international recycled raw materials markets without any risk.

Schroll has been certified by the Fédérec for the recovery of materials under the "Reprise Option Fédérations" scheme.

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Partnerships with the best operators

The performance of the recycling chain depends on the quality of every link in the chain. Therefore, the choice of the outlets, that is to say the companies who will consume the recycled raw materials, is decisive. The Schroll Group seeks out and works with industries which meet criteria of:

  • reliability
  • sustainability
  • environmental and social performance
  • financial competitiveness
  • proximity

A network of contacts, participation in conferences, visits to numerous trade fairs in France and around the world mean that we can offer you an efficient overview of all the outlets.