Services for businesses: an efficient and economical customised service for the sustainable management of your waste

Because the needs of industry, tertiary businesses, public administrations and shops differ, we offer a case-by-case approach starting with a personalised diagnosis and ending with turnkey solutions specific to each customer.

A leading partner for waste management for businesses, the Schroll Group mobilises its people and resources to reconcile the different technical, economic and environmental demands.

Our mission: to provide you with long-term, innovative solutions, whilst guaranteeing traceability and compliance with regulations, thanks to the customised management of your paper, cardboard, plastic, wood waste, non-hazardous waste, batteries, light bulbs, waste electrical and electronic equipment, biowaste, etc.

There is no minimum to the quantity of waste we can treat.

To guarantee maximum responsiveness and professionalism, you will have your own dedicated, autonomous eco-sales advisor: with the power to take decisions, he has the knowledge and skills to propose the best technical solution, tailored to your situation.

Tailored solutions

Services adapted to the needs of industrial groups and multi-site companies, SME and SMI, craftsmen and shopkeepers:
Whether providing equipment on a permanent or occasional basis for one or more types of waste or a complete waste management service, the Schroll Group offers you the level of service best suited to your organisation and your objectives.

Security, advice, meeting our commitments and compliance with regulations form the foundations of our relationship with you. Control of costs, the search for new outlets and innovation are the keystones that will enable it to run and develop.
  • Industrial groups and multi-site companiesCommunicate outside and inside your company on your environmental policy

    • Your objectives:
      • to produce while controlling costs
      • to optimise your investments
      • to limit the impact of your activity on the environment and local residents
      • to protect your industrial plant
      • to concentrate on your core business while remaining in control of your waste policy
      • to measure performance over the long term and across all your sites
      • to ensure you comply with regulations and guarantee the safety of your workforce.
    • Our solutions:
      • a clear and balanced contract, based on measurable targets
      • the dedication of a competent and qualified team
      • the setting up of an optimal organisation
      • the permanent search for recycling and recovery solutions
      • regular, clear and relevant reporting
      • the introduction of monitoring indicators and regular self control of the services
      • regular reviews of the service provided
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  • SMEs and SMIs Dispose of your waste in full compliance with regulations

    • Your objectives:
      • set up a considered and foresightful system of managing your waste
      • control your costs whilst ensuring your waste is disposed of in full compliance with environmental regulations
      • get the benefit of clear and comprehensible system for managing your waste, which enables you to focus on your core business
      • to limit the impact of your activity on the environment and local residents
    • Our solutions:
      • initial diagnosis of your organisation to ensure the service proposed is really adapted to your needs
      • a budget simulation to help you to estimate your annual waste management costs
      • installation of equipment suited to your waste and the constraints of your site, along with tools for monitoring and checking the service provided
      • totally safe removal and disposal of your waste: collection (to a schedule or on request) and transport to our sorting centres
      • administrative tracking to ensure the traceability of the operations
      • close attention paid to any changes in your company or the regulations in order to propose appropriate temporary or lasting solutions
      • a new service, Recyparc, which enables you to bring the waste generated by your activities to our site yourself, for disposal and recycling
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  • Craftsmen and shopkeepers Control your costs

    • Your objectives:
      • let us take care of the administrative constraints for you
      • dispose of your waste in compliance with the regulations
      • dialogue with a local contact, offering a flexible, comprehensive, upgradable and environmentally friendly service
    • Our solutions:

      Frequency of collections, variety of containers available, tightly calculated budgets, one-off services... we offer a service adapted to your activities that makes your life easier. With a strong presence in the East of France, the Schroll Group offers a local service with:

      • the possibility of bringing your waste to our site yourself
      • collection rounds scheduled at a frequency that suits your production
      • appropriate transport, sorting, recovery and treatment of your waste
      • a budget simulation to help you to estimate your annual waste management costs
      • a service that evolves as your business grows and changes
      • a new service, Recyparc, which enables you to bring the waste generated by your activities to our site yourself, for disposal and recycling
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Provision of equipment for the temporary storage of your waste

To facilitate the storage on site of your paper, cardboard and plastic waste, non-hazardous waste, etc. the Schroll Group can provide you with a complete range of compactors, skips, bins, pallet boxes,…

Depending on the quantity and nature of the waste to handled, but also the space available, our eco-sales advisors will guide in the choice of the most suitable equipment for your needs.

Some of the types of equipment available:

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Provision of special containers for offices

To organise the selective collection of office paper and cardboard, but also plastic bottles, the Schroll Group proposes the eco-carton: a selective sorting box made entirely of recycled cardboard.

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Container maintenance

The Schroll group company Sirmat provides equipment maintenance and cleaning services.

With a shotblasting booth and automatic tunnel, 2 paint booths and a sheet metal workshop, Sirmat has the means to maintain the company's stock of skips and compactors in the best possible technical and economic conditions.
  • Our workshop also operates a rapid call-out service
  • Specially trained and accredited staff carry out inspections on compression equipment.
  • Our sites also have several washing stations.
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Waste collection

With a fleet of 70 dump trucks, container carriers, tailgate trucks, refuse collection vehicles and boom trucks, as well as 6 of our own vans and a team of experienced drivers, our collection service has the capacity to adapt to your pace of waste production.

This service includes:
  • rental of temporary storage equipment
  • collection and transport of the waste to the treatment sites
  • treatment of your waste

Depending on your exact requirements, collection can be on request or in the form of a subscription with a pre-established schedule.

Whatever the option chosen,  a fast response is guaranteed!


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Marketing recycled raw materials

Secure document destruction with Neutralis®

For the destruction of your confidential documents (archives, papers, cardboard items, counterfeit goods...), trust the know-how of Neutralis.

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A "special pro" solution for disposing of and recycling your waste

Recyparc, c'est un service 100% dédié aux artisans et aux commerçants. Un accès facile, un déchargement facilité et sous abri, des tarifs compétitifs, un recyclage optimisé…Simple et vraiment efficace.

Recyparc is a service dedicated 100% to craftsmen and shopkeepers. Easy access, simplified unloading under cover, competitive rates, optimised recycling…Simple and genuinely efficient.

The Recyparc service is available on our Strasbourg and Colmar sites

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Reporting & Information

We can send you, as often as you wish, the information you need to manage your waste correctly: collection dates, qualities and quantities taken, performance ratios, financial balance sheet, etc.

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Other services +

  • Support in acquiring ISO 14001 certification
  • Waste audits
  • Advice on reducing your transport costs
  • Information on the latest developments in recycling, and more widely on waste management in general
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