Recycling container

Recycling container
An indispensable tool for the economical management of your recyclable waste.
CE certified, with a capacity of 5 cu. m., an innovative design and customisable with your colours…

Innovative design:

  • Patented original and dynamic shape
  • Sealed interior
  • Wide opening with sliding closures
  • Outer structure for effective body protection
  • Fully opening at the bottom for complete clearance

Studied usability:

The recycling container is designed to make loading and moving easier.
  • Support shelf
  • Wide opening
  • Fully-opening sliding closure and ergonomic handle
  • Locking facility
  • Easy movement with a simple hand pallet truck

A la carte customisation:

The recycling-container can be customised at will, with special paint, particular adhesive applications etc...
It offers a large area for conveying messages, whether for disposal instructions or for other institutional purposes.
As standard, the recycling container is available in three colours for the three types of waste.

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